The Tri-Network Coaching Team aim to offer core team members access to individual, confidential and impartial coaching conversations.

Coaching is a process by which the coach and coachee work together to allow the coachee to work through a range of situations or issues they may face in the workplace. Coaching is an opportunity to focus on personal development and building personal resilience.

The coach uses a combination of observation, questioning, listening and feedback to create a conversation that is rich in insight and learning for the coachee, who will be able to develop a greater awareness and appreciation of their own circumstances. They will also create new ways to resolve issues, and develop skills and strategies so they feel empowered to take action.

Coaching requires a commitment on both sides. The coachee is actively involved in contributing information and identifying options for themselves with the willingness to challenge assumptions and explore new possibilities. The coach will provide a supportive environment and use techniques and strategies which are best suited to each coaching conversation.

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