CONTACT is the Trust’s staff counselling service. You can access self-help leaflets, stress management courses, mediation for workplace conflicts and counselling sessions with trained professionals.

This is a self-referral service. Staff can make contact to discuss any concerns, ask questions or make an appointment. If no one answers right away, please leave a voicemail with your name (please spell it out), your number and which site you work at. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

  • Charing Cross/Hammersmith hospitals: 020 3313 2747 (x32747)
  • St Mary’s Hospital: 020 3312 1519 (x21529)

Further details on CONTACT available here

At the Imperial College Healthcare Trusts internal website you will find helpful downloadable resources to help you identify and manage a variety of issues including stress, panic, anxiety and conflict.

CONTACT Workplace Mediation

What is workplace mediation?

Mediation is an informal and voluntary process, distinct from other formal processes. Within mediation, trained mediators help both parties to talk about the situation, exchange concerns, acknowledge their differences and then work towards more productive relationship. Mediation at work can be a fast, private way of resolving difference between colleagues. Everything that is discussed in mediation is confidential.

What happens in mediation?
In the first stage of the process, the mediators will meet with you separately for about one hour. This stage is designed to:
• explain the mediation process
• help each of you prepare what you may wish to bring to the mediation conversation with the other
• give you the opportunity to consider what you may wish to achieve in mediation and how you might feel if you do not achieve this objective

If after your individual meetings you are willing to continue to the next stage, you will have a joint meeting with two mediators.

This stage will give you the opportunity to have the best and most productive conversation possible about your differences and difficulties. You both decide on any ground rules you may wish to have for your conversation. The mediators will support this process by summarising and clarifying the discussion, checking in with both of you to enable you to express how you feel things are proceeding.

The outcome of mediation is determined entirely by yourselves. You may wish to incorporate benefits or insights gained from your conversation into your working life.
Mediation is the gateway to the Trust’s grievance policy. Filing a grievance can be stressful, time-consuming and costly, so we recommend trying to resolve conflicts through mediation before filing a grievance.

Please download, complete and return the mediation referral form, available on the CONTACT intranet page.