Wellbeing in our workplace is designed to ensure all staff have easy access to wellness resources that suit their personal needs, learning styles and work life arrangements – helping you to self-manage your own wellbeing.

The focus on workplace wellbeing has never been more important as the environment we operate in is ever changing, unpredictable and complex. The way we work is evolving as digital technologies enable a more flexible approach, where people are integrating their work and home lives, and where the ability to have a good day at work is influenced by what is happening in people’s personal lives.

The idea is that we bring together initiatives that the NIHR Coordinating Centre is launching, together with what is on offer by both the Network and our host employers. We are committed to promoting a holistic and sustainable approach to wellbeing within CRN North West London, but appreciate that a ‘one size fits all’ is unlikely to succeed. Everyone who works at CRN North West London plays a pivotal role in our success as a Network. For you to perform to the best of your ability we need to create the conditions that pay attention to your wellbeing and contribute to a fulfilling employee experience.

Please send any questions, suggestions or ideas to wellbeing-nwl@nihr.ac.uk or contact Laura Stone, Wellbeing Lead, on 07584 273958.