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Below are the official site addresses for Imperial hospitals where CRN NWL has offices.

Whichever address you use, make sure you include:
Clinical Research Network North West London (or CRN NWL) OR your department, plus room details (if any), floor, building.

  • Charing Cross Hospital, Fulham Palace Road, London W6 8RF
    • Switchboard: 020 3311 1234
  • Hammersmith Hospital, Du Cane Road, London W12 0HS
    • Switchboard: 020 3313 1000
  • St Mary’s Hospital, Praed Street, London W2 1NY
    • Switchboard: 020 3312 6666

Calling in from outside? Dial 020 331 plus the 5 figure extension number.

Please check with your line manager whether or not there is a slightly different address and phone number for your department.

Annual leave and time-off-in-lieu (TOIL)

Your line manager will confirm your annual leave entitlement and take you through the process of using e-rostering (Imperial’s online system).

The procedure is that all annual leave or time-off-in-lieu should be discussed with your line manager, face-to-face or by email, then requested via e-rostering. Your line manager will approve the time on e-rostering and you will receive an email confirmation of the dates booked in your account.

The Trust’s e-rostering includes Bank Holidays in your total tally of leave in a given financial year (1st April-31st March). You can view your leave booked to date on e-rostering, and see how much time you have left. CRN NWL also uses it to manage leave entitlement and the recording of sickness leave. (As we are office-based, CRN NWL does not use the roster function on this system.)

For the annual leave and time-off-in-lieu SOP, go to S:NIHR – Clinical Research Network>SOPs

To book annual leave, visit e-rostering on the Trust’s intranet and click on the link called Employee Online and Medics Online (staff only, there is a separate link for managers).

Branding/our identity

There are guidelines you must follow when creating digital and printed materials – what logos, fonts, colours and types of images you must use to maintain a strong profile for CRN NWL. To refresh your memory, click here.


To organise catering for meetings/events running at one of the hospital sites, please visit the hospitality page on Imperial’s intranet for details of menu and the booking form. You will also find hospitality email addresses for each main site there. If you need to speak to someone, call x35588.


In line with Trust policy, CRN NWL uses DHL for all courier work. Visit the Transport page on the Trust intranet and look for Courier Bookings for contact details.


Your emails

You should have both a CRN NWL email address on Google – – and an NHS mail email address –

For your Google email, make sure that you fully complete your profile on the CRN Google Directory so that the correct details can be pulled in to your email signature. Amendments to email signatures should be done in your Directory profile.

It’s helpful to use your address when dealing with Trust departments.

CRN NWL Team Emails

Generic mailbox:

Communications Team:
Primary Care Team:
Strategic Workforce Resource Requests:

Study Support Service INTERNAL: for all studies

Study Support Service EXTERNAL – 2 email addresses

Business Intelligence team:

Emergency contacts

Your line manager will have run through these during your CRN NWL induction, and you should make sure you know them. Here’s a reminder:

St Mary’s Hospital and Western Eye Hospital – a single number for everything
Emergency/Security/Fire: x2222
Always state the location and nature of the emergency

Hammersmith, Charing Cross and Queen Charlotte & Chelsea hospitals – 2 numbers
Security/Fire: x3333
Emergency team: x2222
Always state the location and nature of the emergency


All expenses should be agreed with your line manager in advance.

From 1st October 2021, expenses should be claimed via Imperial’s intranet. You will need to set up an account on Easy Expenses. There is a section on this page where you can apply for an account, along with full information on claiming expenses (recommended reading before setting up your account!). The page also includes user guidelines and videos for setting up and using the platform.

First Aid

Each department has a first aid box. Please ask your line manager to show you where it is and where to find the name of your first aider.

If you are interested in being a First Aider for CRN NWL, please contact our Health and Safety Lead

Imperial Policies

If you need a reminder of our host organisation’s policies, please see below for some of the most frequently used links.

Bullying and Harassment policy
Disciplinary policy
Grievance policy
Stress at work policy
Whistleblowing policy

Other Imperial policies

IT Support

Google / NIHR Hub

NIHR Service desk

Training and general advice:

All other IT issues

Trust IT team x15555 + option 2

Imperial ICT Service desk

NB When contacting Trust IT support, you will need your device asset number (NHS label with bar code on the device) and your space ID.

Lone working

You manager will have covered this during your induction, but please re-visit the standard operating procedures for on-site lone working at S:NIHR – Clinical Research Network>SOPs.

Maintenance, cleaning, porters and waste


Looking after the buildings, fixtures and fittings we use is the responsibility of all staff. So, if you notice a leaky tap, a door that doesn’t close properly or anything else that is driving you mad, please report it to the Estates and Facilities team. This link takes you to the Trust’s intranet, where you can click on the helpdesk link and complete a form. You will be asked for a space ID on the form.

Please make a note of the reference number you are given for the job and follow up with Estates to ensure the job is completed.

Make sure that you update our Estates Tracker, our central record of Estates jobs we order. It can be found at S:\NIHR – Clinical Research Network\Estates Tracker.


Call x35588 if you need something moved.

Cleaning and general waste

Bins are emptied regularly when hospital staff come to your department to clean. Please ensure you separate your waste so that whatever can be recycled is put in the relevant bin. Other bins are provided for domestic waste and desk waste and you should ensure food items are put in the domestic waste bins only.

For more information on waste streams: Trust waste policy

Confidential waste

Ask your manager or a colleague where this is kept in your work area. Bags or bins for confidential waste are provided and removed regularly. Sometimes it is necessary to prompt when the waste needs to be removed, especially if the waste containers are kept in a space with a coded lock.

Ring x35588 or email


If you need a map of one of Imperial’s hospital sites, click on the relevant link below to download a pdf.

Charing Cross Hospital
Hammersmith Hospital
Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital
St Mary’s Hospital
Western Eye Hospital

Meeting Rooms

Internal space

If you need to book a room, the Meeting Room Info spreadsheet on the S drive provides details of capacity, layout, A/V equipment, catering options and contact details for booking rooms we can access (see link below). Our own meeting rooms and those across the Imperial Trust and Imperial College are listed, and there is no room hire charge for most of the rooms.

The spreadsheet also includes information about W12 Conferences, a Trust-owned conference centre at Hammersmith Hospital. CRN NWL staff members can book space at the reduced Trust rate (room hire only) and ‘W12’ has its own catering service.

Link: S:\NIHR – Clinical Research Network\General Admin\Meetings – rooms and other info

Catering for hospital meeting rooms

Catering at college sites varies depending on the campus and location. The Meeting Room Info spreadsheet provides all the information you need, including whether or not catering is permitted in each of the rooms.

Meeting Room Info spreadsheet – S:NIHR – Clinical Research Network>General Admin>Meeting Room Info

External space – Trust policy!

The Trust is very strict about using Agiito to book external space for any events, including meetings or training. If you can’t find a suitable internal room, you must check whether or not W12 can accommodate your event and book there. If W12 can’t help, they will give you a reference number to pass on to Agiito.

t: 0844 793 7327

W12 Conferences

MS Teams

CRN NWL uses Google hangouts or Zoom for video conferencing.

However, MS Teams is the Trust’s go-to software for virtual communications. You will therefore need to learn how to participate in meetings on the platform, possibly set them up/run them. The Trust’s intranet has a page which gives an overview of MS Teams and provides links to training resources: Microsoft Teams Support.

MS Teams should load automatically when you log on. If it doesn’t, contact Imperial’s IT service desk.


  • The CRN NWL Staff Newsletter is sent out monthly. You will be signed up when you join.
  • CRN Connect is the weekly staff update from the CRN Coordinating Centre. You will need to subscribe here.
  • Research Matters is our monthly, public-facing newsletter which is also sent to CRN NWL staff. You will be signed up to the mailing list when you join.
  • You will also receive regular newsletters and updates from the Trust in your NHS email. Any emergency updates will also be sent to this address. Please be sure to check your NHS email regularly.

Office calendar

You will need access to CRN NWL’s generic calendar if you wish to book the main CRN Meeting Room at Hammersmith Hospital and/or book the use of our conference call numbers.
To be given access, contact


To see how our team is structured and who your team mates are, click here. For future reference, the organogram can be found on this intranet at About Us/Who’s who at the CRN.


CRN NWL works on clinical research with nine NHS Trusts across NW London.

List of our research partners

Phones and contact numbers

Imperial’s telephones are operated by Thamesnet, which manages all of the trust’s phone systems, including mobile phones. Contact Thamesnet for any issues related to your phones on x15555 plus option 1.

CRN NWL internal telephone list
This list contains desk extension numbers for core team members, along with managers’ work mobiles. The relevant Space IDs and instructions for using basic features such as voicemail are also included. Go to S:NIHR – Clinical Research Network>General Admin>Contact Lists.

Hospital switchboards
Charing Cross Hospital: 020 3311 1234
Hammersmith Hospital: 020 3313 1000
Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital: 020 3313 1111
St Mary’s Hospital: 020 3312 6666
Western Eye Hospital: 020 3312 6666

Desk phones – some basic instructions for using them
To make an external call, dial 9 before the number you are calling
To transfer a call – ‘RECALL’ + Extn
To pick up call from another line – **3
To divert calls to another phone – #9 + Extn
To remove diverts – ##9
To divert calls to voicemail – #917373
To retrieve voicemail messages: 7373 + * + Extn + pin no. 1234 (the same cross all Trust desk phones)

Conference calls booking Procedure
Please indicate what you are booking and for how long in the Office Calendar, using the short names below i.e. specify which dial-in you are booking and which phone. Always include CRN contact details (whoever is booking or running the meeting) and the name of the meeting.

Short names
Dial-in 1
Dial-in 2
HH phone
SMH phone

If you are also booking the CRN Meeting Room, please make this a separate entry in the calendar so that both room and phone bookings are clearly visible.

The Dial-in numbers

Conference Call Dial-in 1
External: 020 331 14567
Internal: 14567
Pin no: 005239

Conference Call Dial-in 2
External: 020 331 14567
Internal: 14567
Pin no: 669554

NB The RF team has priority for the use of Dial-in 2

Mobile phones
If your role requires a work mobile, your line manager will arrange this for you. Visit the Thamesnet page on the Trust’s intranet for the Mobile Devices Policy and useful Thamesnet videos e.g. how to add or Eduroam to your mobile phone.

Out of hours telephone procedure
For clinical staff, the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is available on the S drive: S:NIHR – Clinical Research Network>SOPs


Post is delivered and collected from each department; your line manager or a colleague will show you where your department’s postbox is.

For outgoing post from the Hammersmith office, put the code ’22’ in the top left-hand corner of the envelope.

For information and locations of hospital post rooms, click here.


The Trust uses Canon for its print management system and CRN NWL printers are linked to the IT network.

You need to set yourself up on your local one, using your Windows user name. Instructions on how to do this are on the machine itself or you can find the Canon user guide on the Trust intranet.

Following set-up, you can use your NHS swipe card to log in locally, but may have to enter your login details when using a printer/scanner in another office.

It is the responsibility of all staff to top up printer paper when necessary. Paper is stored in the stationery cupboard at HH and in the main office at SMH. Please ensure that you inform your local Requisitioner when you see that stocks are running low.

Report a fault

The printers have a poster above them with Canon’s phone number to call if there is a fault.
When you call Canon on x28444, you will be asked for the device serial number, which should also feature on the poster. If not, it can be found on the side of the machine.

Always make a note of the job number you are given when you ring about a fault, and follow up with Canon to ensure the fault is repaired.


Specific members of staff are trained to use the Trust’s e-procurement system (Requisitioners). These are the only people who can purchase goods for CRN NWL.

All orders raised by the Requisitioners and have to be approved on the e-procurement system by your manager before they are converted into purchase orders.

All deliveries are sent to Stores either at Hammersmith Hospital or Charing Cross Hospital. (St Mary’s has no stores, so all orders are sent to Charing Cross stores, then forwarded.)

Standard items ordered through the NHS supply chain tend to take between 3-5 working days to arrive. Other items ordered from an external supplier often take 2-3 weeks to arrive, but it can take longer, depending on the item/availability/transit time.

You will need your line manager’s approval for anything outside the norm (e.g. items of furniture) and a supplier must be registered with the Trust before purchase can be made. Your local Requisitioner can advise you on how to set up a supplier with the Trust.

For info:
– The Trust has a policy of discretionary spend in place. However, as a hosted organisation, CRN NWL is exempt from this.
– The Trust’s stores are run by a company called Eleanor.


Sick Leave

The standard operating procedures (SOPs) for reporting sickness can be found at S:NIHR – Clinical Research Network>SOPs.

NB A member of staff who is prevented from reporting for duty because of illness must phone their line manager as soon as possible, and no later than 10:00hrs on the first day of sickness. If your line manager is not available, call their line manager and escalate further up if the second contact is not available.

Texts and emails are not accepted, there must be a conversation.

Space IDs

Each space at the Trust has an ID number. You can find them on the doors or walls of rooms, corridors and in stairwells, usually just above head height.

It is worth familiarising yourself with those for your work area as you will be asked for them when you contact services such as Estates & Facilities and the IT service desk.

You can also find most of our space IDs on the CRN NWL’s internal contact list at S:NIHR – Clinical Research Network>General Admin>Contact Lists.


Each of the offices has a central store of stationery, which is kept stocked by the relevant Requisitioner. Familiarise yourself with the location on your site and where the keys are kept. If you require a particular item of stationery that is not part of standard stock, please ask your Requisitioner to help you.


As a Trust rule, employees are not allowed to claim for taxi fares. However, there are occasions when it is allowed, strictly at the discretion of your line manager – and approved in advance! Visit the Transport page on the Trust intranet and look for Staff Taxi Bookings to find out how to book with DHL.


The Hopper

CRN NWL staff can use the Trust’s hopper bus service. There are three routes which ensure you can move easily between the three main sites.

Make sure you have your NHS ID card with you when using the hopper.

Hopper timetable

Staff Travel booked in advance

All staff business travel that needs to be booked in advance (e.g. long-distance rail journies) must go through Agiito. Only senior managers have access to Agiito’s online booking service to book travel for staff.

It is your responsibility to advise the manager of the dates, approximate times and modes of transport you wish to book, and where you wish to collect tickets from.

Find out who you need to approach for this – your line manager will be able to help. Please also see the policy for using taxis.


CRN NWL Values

We are all expected to uphold these during our working day. The Values are a great way of making sure that we are all clear about what is important to us as staff within this Network, and how we should all behave towards patients, visitors and each other.


We value our colleagues and partners, and actively appreciate each other’s contribution.

– Listening to each other.
– Honest, open discussion and no blame culture.
– Being mindful of other people’s priorities and pressures.


We challenge ourselves and others to improve the clinical research system, for the benefit of patients.

– Being open and responsive to change and growth.
– Embracing new technologies.
– Having an aspirational mindset of constant challenge and improvement.


We recognise that the best way to achieve results is through collaboration and inclusion.

– Cross team / directorate / Network working towards a common goal.
– Developing and nurturing relationships across stakeholders and organisations.
– Open and transparent communication channels.


We make decisions and demonstrate behaviours that are ethical.

– Transparency in all dealings and processes.
– Protecting the information we gather and using it in a responsible manner.
– Being true to the values of the organisation and your professional self.

Useful acronym to help you remember these: RICE

Further detail on CRN NWL’s Values, mission, vision and strategy.

Imperial Trust Values

CRN NWL’s staff are also expected to adhere to the Trust’s values. There is some overlap, but you will be expected to know and understand these values as well as those of CRN NWL. These will probably have been covered at your Trust induction, below is a summary.


We are considerate and thoughtful, so everyone feels included and respected.


We actively seek others’ views and ideas so we achieve more together.


We draw on diverse skills, knowledge and experience so we provide the best possible care.


We are receptive and responsive to new thinking, so we never stop learning, discovering and improving.

The values are shown above in the order the Trust uses; a useful acronym to help you to remember them is CAKE.

Working from home

The standard operating procedure (SOP) for working from home can be found at S:NIHR – Clinical Research Network>SOPs.


You need the Zoom desktop app on your Trust device(s) to set up meetings and participate. If you don’t have it, contact Imperial’s IT service desk with a request for it to be added.

Visit the Zoom resource centre for user-friendly guides, articles and video tutorials.