Could you and your team help drive improvements in research by asking participants to complete a short survey about their experience of taking part in a study?

The annual Patient Research Experience Survey or PRES has been carried out in North West London for the past three years. This year, for the first time, the PRES is one of the Clinical Research Network’s high level objectives, or top priorities.  This shows the importance placed by the NIHR of listening and learning from study participants in order to help us improve how we deliver research. 

The surveys are for people, including healthy volunteers, who are currently on a Clinical Research Network Portfolio study (including commercial studies) and are at a point in the study where they feel they can give their views. They don’t have to wait until the end of their study to complete the survey. 

The results of this year’s survey will be shared in nearly real time via the Results Dashboard, allowing you to react more quickly to feedback from research participants.  

We will also share people’s good experiences of research on our website and social media (with permission). Promoting examples of positive experiences of research is likely to assist those who care for and support patients, to better understand the importance of research in the NHS, GP surgeries, care homes and other spaces where health and social care happen.

PRES Resources

You can download the below resources and print locally, or you can order printed copies from the Communications and Engagement Team by completing this order form.


Who chose what questions to include in this year’s survey?

Some questions are set by the CRN Coordinating Centre (q. 10-12) and some were chosen to allow us to compare our results to previous years.  We also asked participating organisations what questions would support their work.  Finally, all questions were shared with research participants, including those who completed the PRES previously, for their comments. 

For how long will the PRES run this year?

For the first time, the PRES will run year-round in North West London.  There will be a data cut on the 31st of March 2020, when the 2020/21 version of the PRES will be launched. 

Where can I find last year’s results?

You can download a copy of the PRES 2018/19 report here

Do we need ethical approval to run the PRES?

The PRES is not a research project rather regarded as service evaluation, therefore, no ethical approval is required for LCRNs and NHS Partner Organisations to implement PRES. 

How much will it cost us to run the PRES?

The CRN NWL will cover all costs involved in running the PRES, namely survey design, printing and postage costs.  Any extra costs for delivering the PRES by Trusts and partners must be agreed by the CRN NWL beforehand.   

Contact Information

This project is being led by our Communications and Engagement Manager, Danielle Neal.

If you have any questions or feedback please email Dani at or call 020 3133 4012.