We believe that learning should not be only limited to courses, classrooms and workshops, and a learning culture means staff are willing to teach and learn from each other. We encourage the sharing and learning of knowledge and good practices between staff informally, easily and frequently.

Are you a Learning Champion?

Have you ever taught a colleague how to do something? If yes, you may already be a learning champion. Contact anne.price@nihr.ac.uk to find out about how to be an official one, and network with other champions from other departments.

Skills matrix

We are working on a staff skills matrix/database that lets you know which staff has which set of skills and are willing to teach and/or mentor others. You can then contact them and find out how you can arrange mentoring/shadowing from them. Please email anne.price@nihr.ac.uk with your skill so we can share it with your colleagues.

Share your development

We will periodically add learning materials created by your colleagues that you may find helpful for your own personal development:

(1) Project Management for you, the NIHR and the NHS – by Richard Wong, Project Manager, Nov 2018.

(2) Can You Use Agile in a Non-IT Setting? – by Stephen Lock, Business Information Manager, Jul 2017.

(3) Research & Trust CQC Performance – by Leon Jonker and Stacey Fisher, R&D Manager, Mar 2018.

If you have something to share, please email richard.wong@nihr.ac.uk

Learning resources

  • If you would like to learn more about Research Delivery in the CRN, the Community Hub has all the information that you need.