Supporting research with digital technology

Supporting research with
digital technology

NIHR Digital Office
National strategy

  • Accelerate end-to-end research: Link and automate the flow of data
  • Increase awareness, recruitment and diversity in research
  • Improve engagement with research participants: Develop digital tools to support virtual study delivery
  • Make it easier to track and value the impact of research
  • Enable greater data sharing, value and insight
  • Improve organisational digital leadership & capabilities

Digital strategy recommendations

  • Identify, adopt and evaluate mechanisms to engage with the Capital’s rich digital health technology (DHT) ecosystem.
  • Adopt pathways and mechanisms to facilitate the development, adoption of a pipeline of studies on DHTs
  • Adopt pathways and mechanisms to promote the effective use of DHTs to improve study delivery
  • Identify, implement, evaluate and adopt workforce training and support for research involving DHTs.
  • Develop and deliver a London NIHR CRNs communications programme to share and promote good practice locally and elsewhere and engage with CRNCC to ensure full awareness of the London NIHR CRNs DHTs research delivery programme.

Digital projects in North West London

  • Knowing research

  • Demographics of North West London population

  • Demographics of people on participant registry in North West London

  • DHTs used to deliver research virtually

  • Reporting demographic data

  • Equipping research

  • Identifying DHT training needs, and singposting to / creating relevant content

  • Equpping facilitators to train virtually

  • Develop a clear process for our PIs/CIs to recruit participants directly from NHS Digital

  • “Next Steps in Delivering Clinical Research” digital enhancement

  • Digital Platform for supra-regional ALP Alumni

  • Staff empowered to champion DHTs they encounter to drive delivery innovation

  • Supporting research

  • Site ID Automation

  • Cognizant SIP

  • LPMS partner organisation support

  • Screening Aid and other apps

  • WSIC/Discover-Now study feasibility

  • Remote monitoring

  • Study Support Service to signpost relevant DHTs during early contact and engagement

  • Promoting research

  • Design and create clear signposting tool to other research infrastructure and CRN portfolio adoption top tips

  • Creation of podcasts promoting research