This section contains suggestions for working from home, however please follow instructions passed on by your line managers in the first instance. Thank you to Reggie Pestininkas for putting much of this information together.


  • Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (ICHT) policies should be followed as usual when working from home. This means sickness should be reported to line managers on the phone, calendars should be kept up to date with working hours, days off, meetings, etc. 
  • As ICHT employees, we will be guided by any changes to the Trust policies and procedures that are introduced in response to the COVID-19 situation. This could mean that we are asked to perform duties that are not part of our usual day-to-day work and that we may be required to discontinue the current working from home arrangements at any time.


  • Please keep your mobile phones turned on during work hours so you can remain contactable by your manager and team. Work mobile phone numbers can be handed out to external enquirers, but there is no expectation that personal numbers would be given out.
  • As an alternative, consider using Hangout calls instead of phone calls for one-to-one conversations. This is especially helpful for longer one-to-one meetings.

Organising and Managing Online Meetings

Google Hangout

  • When scheduling meetings in the Calendar, please ensure that “Hangout Meet” is added. You can do so by editing the meeting invite and clicking on “Add conferencing”. From here you can copy the link to the Hangout Meet space to share with anyone outside the calendar invite. People with no access to a computer can join the Hangout via phone, using the phone details in the calendar invite – a perfect alternative to the teleconferencing line.
  • Please mute yourself when not talking. Also consider using a headset, as this will help limit background noise and echoing.
  • Once on the Hangout, attendees can share their screens by clicking on “present now”. This is a good way to share visuals. However, Google Sheets, Slides and Docs can all be good alternatives for visuals and collaboration while on Hangouts.
  • Following a good chairing protocol is even more important for Hangout meetings than it is for face-to-face meetings.
    • The Chair should introduce the purpose of the meeting, state the expected duration and explain the order of the meeting.
    • Meeting attendees should refrain from talking without being called by the Chair.
    • To get the Chair’s attention, attendees wishing to speak should unmute themselves or type the word “hand” in the chat.
    • The Chair should pause regularly to ensure that everyone has had the chance to speak.
  • Links to Google docs, sheets and slides can be added to the meeting invite in advance. That way everyone knows which documents will be looked at during the Hangout meeting. However, if a new document needs to be shared with everyone, paste the URL in Chat.
  • You can record the meeting from within the hangout, if you have permissions. To do this, click on the three little dots at the bottom right hand side of the screen, it will bring up a drop down list and you can see at the top there is an option to record the meeting. Just do make sure everyone is aware that the meeting is going to be recorded – ask if they are okay with it. The recording will be emailed to you and it will also be stored automatically in your google drive under my drive in “meet recordings.”  


Visit the Zoom resource centre for user-friendly guides, articles and video tutorials.

Keeping Informed

  • Please check your NHS email address daily for the ICHT COVID-19 update.
  • The ICHT intranet also contains important information – you will need your Trust log in. You can also access it on your mobile by downloading an app called Interact Mobile from iTunes or Android.
  • Please make sure to read the weekly CRN core team newsletter as it will contain some key information around COVID-19 as well as our regular updates.