Useful resources during the COVID-19 period

  • Free access to e-books for NHS staff and Hachette UK have teamed up to provide free e-books for NHS staff. You will find many authors from many different genres. Take a look at their website for more details.
  • Free access to wellbeing apps for all NHS staff
    NHS staff have been given free access to a number of wellbeing apps from now until the end of December 2020 to support their mental health and wellbeing.
    More details here.
  • Art workshops for patients and staff
    Imperial Health Charity is trialling a new initiative to provide art workshops via Zoom for patients and staff in hospitals. Additional sessions could also involve live music performances, virtual choirs and creative writing workshops.

    If these live video workshops could help you support patients in your area or provide a fun activity for you and your colleagues, please email for more information.
  • Every Mind Matters
    A new COVID-19 mental health campaign has launched, sharing tips and resources for coping during this difficult time. Take a look here.
  • Resilience toolkit
    Beyond Coaching have worked in association with the NHS to produce a range of free online resources for all NHS staff to reduce stress & anxiety. Take a look here.
  • Thrive at Home – free online programme
    Better understand work-life balance, mental health and motivation so that you can thrive at home during the coronavirus outbreak.
    More details here.
  • COVID-19 and Mindfulness
    Here are some resources on mindfulness practice. Many people find these practices, short or long, help them to deal with events that challenge their mental wellbeing.
  • Art and wellbeing for the home
    Take a look at this booklet. It’s filled with ideas you can do at home, whether you’re having to self-isolate or just need something a little different to do with your family during down-time from work.
  • Working from home with children
    This is a challenging time for everyone. For those working at home and looking after children, take a look at this guide produced by CRN West Midlands. It provides tips on how to get through the day successfully.

    Also take a look at this list of suggested activities for children to do at home.
  • NHS in Mind
    This is a set of free resources designed to help NHS staff alleviate and combat high anxiety, panic and fatigue. These easy-to-access, short interventions and exercises will help colleagues through what is expected to be an incredibly difficult time.
    Access the platform here.
  • Resources from the NIHR Coordinating Centre

Further support

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust have put together a Wellbeing during Covid-19 page on the intranet. Find online tools, links to national charities, information about emotional wellbeing groups and counselling services.

Also take a look at the CRN NWL Wellbeing section of this site, for further support and resources.


  • Online drop-in
    Next session TBC

You are very welcome to join the Wellbeing team for an informal chat just to say hello, share any tips for getting through the day and help ease any feelings of isolation.

Look out for an email invite for details.