Clinical Characterisation Protocol for Severe Emerging Infection

Status: Open, With Recruitment at ICHT, Chelwest, LNWUH and Hillingdon.

Type: Observational

Funder: Wellcome Trust

Sponsor: University of Oxford

CI: Prof Malcolm Semple


  • ICHT – Prof Graham Cook
  • ChelWest – Luke Morris
  • LNWUH – Dr Ashley Whittington
  • Hillingdon – Dr Sam Kon
  • RBHT – Dr Anand Shah

IRAS-Number: 126600

CPMS-ID: 14152

Approval Date: 24 January 2020


Infectious disease is the single biggest cause of death worldwide. New infectious agents, such as the SARS coronavirus, new strains of influenza, and HIV, continually emerge and require new investigations to understand how the disease works and how it interacts with the person infected. In September 2012 a novel coronavirus was identified in a patient who died of severe acute respiratory syndrome in June 2012. As of 19th February 2013, the World Health Organization has been informed of a total of twelve confirmed cases, including five deaths ( There is an urgent need to conduct coordinated clinical research in the early phase of this dynamic development to know more about this virus and to provide an evidence base to inform treatment decisions and an effective public health response. This study is designed for the rapid, coordinated clinical investigation of patients with confirmed novel coronavirus infection. The study has been designed to maximize the likelihood that as much data as possible is collected and shared rapidly in a format that can be easily aggregated, tabulated and analysed across many different settings globally. The study is designed to have some level of flexibility in order to ensure the broadest acceptance.


Individuals in the UK who have confirmed infection with novel coronavirus using the laboratory diagnostic tests recommended by the Health Protection Agency at the time of testing. 


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