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Business Intelligence (BI)

Supporting local research with data and information.

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About the BI team

A team of four – Greg, Anna, Beth and Mark (supporting Primary Care) – manage and produce data and recruitment information about our portfolio of research studies. They work closely with each of our partner trusts and the individual CRN North West London teams. They also collaborate with other Local Clinical Research Networks across the country and the NIHR Coordinating Centre.

The team’s list of main projects and responsibilities include:

  • Developing and maintaining the NWL Open Data Platform (ODP)
  • Producing and updating all NWL reports
  • Responding to requests for ad-hoc reporting
  • First point of contact for all EDGE (LPMS) queries
  • Providing local training for LPMS, CPMS, ODP and other systems
  • Producing bespoke tools and applications

Your role and data

Data is central to the existence of the NIHR and we all have a role to play in ensuring the accurate and timely uploading to the systems used to record and extract it. These are the Local Portfolio Management Systems (LPMS), normally Edge or Documas in North West London; and the Central Portfolio Management System (CPMS), nationally.

You should have the confidence to use these systems, including adding data to LPMS, assisting studies teams to upload or confirm recruitment information in CPMS, and (if appropriate) upload or confirm data on their behalf, so that data can be transferred to the central system and used for tracking against national objectives.

How can the BI team support you?

The team can support colleagues and researchers across both the national (CPMS) and local (LPMS / Edge / Documas) data systems.

In addition the team can assist with interpretation of the data, point you in the direction of Excel training and provide ad hoc information about specialties and hospitals.


While basic use of the CPMS and LPMS will primarily be organised within your local trust, the BI team at NWL can also provide some training for new team members, or for smaller trusts or projects that aren’t able to offer training themselves. We can also help broaden the skills of established team members. You should first check with your R&D department, who will know whether there is an LPMS champion who provides this training.

If you are a new Chief Investigator (CI) or Research Activity Coordinator (RAC) that requires training on the national CPMS system you are welcome to contact us.


The team produces monthly update reports demonstrating progress at the national, local and partner organisation level, and to ensure compliance with any high-level objectives set out by the Department for Health and Social Care.

They also produce operational reports that help with day to day portfolio management on a local and national level, with up to four years available for comparison.

Sample BI reports

Take a look at a sample of the BI team’s monthly reporting. All staff who need access to these reports should already have it. If you think you should have access but don’t yet, please contact us.

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