The triangle below represents the Clinical Research Network, where everything we do is in line with our strategies and values, which form the foundation of placing the patient first. Our mission is to offer every patient a research opportunity that is relevant to their interest and needs.

Values of the Clinical Research Network

We value our colleagues and partners, and actively appreciate each other’s contribution.

– Listening to each other.
– Honest, open discussion and no blame culture.
– Being mindful of other people’s priorities and pressures.

We challenge ourselves and others to improve the clinical research system, for the benefit of patients.

– Being open and responsive to change and growth.
– Embracing new technologies.
– Having an aspirational mindset of constant challenge and improvement.

We recognise that the best way to achieve results is through collaboration and inclusion.

– Cross team / directorate / Network working towards a common goal.
– Developing and nurturing relationships across stakeholders and organisations.
– Open and transparent communication channels.

We make decisions and demonstrate behaviours that are ethical.

– Transparency in all dealings and processes.
– Protecting the information we gather and using it in a responsible manner.
– Being true to the values of the organisation and your professional self.