Dear colleagues,

Three months ago NIHR CRN re-directed its full energies to support the research response to COVID-19 and many staff moved to ‘work from home’. Everyone stepped up to work harder and for longer, to smarten our processes but also to reach out to support all the team. The impossible was achieved in short order, partnerships were reinforced and rivalries set aside.

Yesterday we heard of the fruits of that effort, a really significant positive impact of dexamethasone in the Recovery trial, the largest global treatment trial – the envy of our international colleagues.

This result demonstrates that when research is done well, indeed very well, it can provide the evidence that we need, that the NHS needs and that the rest of the world needs. Recovery is just one of over 40 studies that NIHR CRN has supported with all the power, reach and pace that we can offer – there will be more data to follow and of course more questions to address.

I want to thank you all, in whatever role you have been working, for the world-leading research support you have provided to our investigators – without that help, these results would not have been discovered. There is so much more to do but for now, feel the glow of a task well-done!

With best wishes,

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