We want to give a voice to healthcare professionals at the centre of the coronavirus pandemic.

Our new blog series COVID-19 Research Voices gives our research delivery workforce the opportunity to share their experiences of what the COVID-19 has meant for them and their work. The aim of the blog series is to highlight the dedication, courage and sacrifice shown by our research delivery workforce as many return to the frontline in support of the response to
coronavirus pandemic and others support the delivery of urgent public health studies

We’ve shared more information about the blog series below. If you are interested in taking part please email comms.crnnnwl@nihr.ac.uk.

What are we looking for?

A short piece (400-600 words) in your own voice about your experience of the coronavirus
pandemic and what it has meant for you as a healthcare professional.

Things to might want to talk about (you might not choose to include them all):

  • What work were you doing before COVID19 pandemic?
  • When did things start to change for you? Was it gradual or immediate?
  • What work are you doing now? What are the positives and negatives about it?
  • What research are you working on and what is the study trying to achieve? What does it involve for you and your patients?
  • What impact do you hope to have as a result of this research and how will it change things for patients and the public?
  • What are your thoughts for the future?

Other details to include:

  • Your full name, job title, organisation and role in the NIHR
  • High quality head and shoulders photo (taken on iPhone/Android would be sufficient)
  • Your social media handle (to be included in blog, if you wish to connect with others)
  • Any relevant weblinks (eg for your research study)
  • Please complete a consent form to confirm you give permission for us to publish your blog and accompanying photo(s). To be sent to you by your NIHR communications link.

A note about publishing

  • We may edit your post before we publish it. Large changes will run past you first.
  • We will publish on NIHR blog pages
  • We will share on NIHR social media using hashtag #COVID19ResearchVoices
  • Please note: once published on our website, the media may pick up your story without notifying us. If we wish to proactively promote your story to the media, we will notify you.

Tips for writing your blog

  • Before you start – Think about what you want to say. Who is your audience? What would interest them. You may have one key message or three, but drill down your thoughts in advance.
  • Write in a conversational tone – Blogs are more relaxed in tone than literature or presentations. Avoid jargon (or if you must use it, explain what you mean), keep your sentences and paragraphs short and use active verbs. Our blogs are read by a wide range of people, from researchers to the general public. Write the blog in the style of an opinion piece you would find in a high brow newspaper – it doesn’t have to be dumbed-down, just clear.
  • Share your views – You have a unique set of experiences that the reader can learn from. Share your views on the topic and don’t worry about providing evidence each
  • time.Write from the first person perspective (‘I…’ or ‘we…’).
  • Tell stories, give colourful detail – A good anecdote can help illustrate a point or make people think about something, Not only does this help keep your reader interested, they’ll likely retain what they’ve read. Analogies can break down complexity and are a powerful tool to explain your work.
  • Ending the piece – Round out the story in the last paragraph. Can you leave the reader with a strong image or quote, or refer back to the lede?
  • Make the most of the title – The title of a blog post is usually a reader’s first impression of your content. Make your readers want to read your blog post.
  • Get inspired – Take a look at some recent NIHR blogs for guidance on style, tone and length.

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