Many members of the CRN NWL team have been volunteering their time to help during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Antonia Koutsoukou, Clinical Studies Officer, shares her experience of volunteering

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, I supported the Covid-19 ACS study, which is using the ACS treatment protocol to treat Covid-19 patients who have a risk of developing cardiac comorbidities as a result of their Covid infection.

In the morning, we would screen the lists in the wards for patients who had a positive covid result and were meeting the rest of eligibility criteria. Then we would go to the wards, speak to patients and consent them for the trial. The doctor would explain the study to them and I randomised any patient who agreed to participate to either the active or control arm.

The one thing that really stayed with me is how willing all the patients were to participate in the research and help us win the battle against Covid-19. Not a single patient that we approached declined to participate. They all said how grateful they are to the NHS and to the healthcare professionals who are looking after them and were very eager to give back. It was truly heartwarming to see the impact that our work has on people’s lives and I am delighted I was part of this project.

Antonia Koutsoukou

A message from Kristina Duggleby, Senior Research Delivery Manager and CI Lead

As a Network we were discussing the need to support the entry of patients into COVID-19 studies over the Easter long weekend but felt that currently this was being covered by the clinical teams. Within a couple of hours this had changed dramatically and we needed research staff to volunteer to support at two hospital sites and for us as a Network to monitor the generic emails to accommodate urgent requests for information around Urgent Public Health studies.

I was really impressed by the number of research staff who were willing to work and give up their free time over the Easter break and miss the fantastic weather outside. It was admirable that research staff felt they wanted to be more involved with the COVID studies in handing consents and samples from the clinical teams and I can’t help but be inspired by their commitment to research.

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