A patient in North West London is the first to be recruited in the UK for a new sarcoidosis trial.

The patient was recruited at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and is only the second recruited in Europe and sixth globally.

The trial, supported by the CRN North West London, will investigate how to measure the effectiveness of treatments for the condition.

“…globally competitive research host organisation.”

Alexandra Diaz, Senior Divisional Research Nurse, said: “Our research, clinical and support services team is proud to have randomised the first patient in the UK. We are a committed team to deliver high standards of care and maintain the Trust’s reputation as a globally competitive research host organisation”.

Olokayode Ajisafe, Senior Clinical Research Associate, said: “The achievement of the first patient randomised in the UK is a significant milestone and Celgene and ICON* thank Dr. Coker** and all site staff for their contribution”.

Sarcoidosis is a rare condition that causes small patches of red and swollen tissue to develop in the organs. The trial will investigate pulmonary sarcoidosis, which specifically impacts the lungs.

Most people with sarcoidosis don’t require treatment as the condition often goes away on its own. But patients who do require treatment will usually take steroid tablets, such as glucocorticoids.

The trial will investigate how to measure the effectiveness of glucocorticoids using HRCT-based functional respiratory imaging (FRI). This technology provides images of patient’s lungs to give patient-specific feedback on the effectiveness of their treatment.

Recruiting a first UK patient is a key performance indicator as it shows the CRN North West London and our partners can support the rapid set-up and recruitment of studies.

*Celgene and ICON are industry partners for the study.
**Dr Robina Coker, Clinical Director of the CRN North West London.

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